Is 16Gb Ram Enough For 4K Gaming?

If you are the type who enjoys playing lots of games on the PC, having 16GB RAM is going to provide you with the most fluid gameplay possible. 16GB RAM is plenty for most games, and it is going to be enough for most gamers. Because in general, people say if you want to play current games at a good FPS, then 16GB RAM is good for you.

If you are an intermediate user, for example, want to play contemporary games on 1080P Medium settings, then I would suggest that you should get at least 16GB RAM. Most games run better on 16GB of RAM, and the difference in performance between 8GB and 16GB is quite apparent. As mentioned, 8GB of RAM is ideal for gaming, since many, if not all, games run fine at that amount of RAM.

This means you do not have to upgrade the RAM later on down the line should games begin requiring more than the standard 8GB of RAM. Buying additional system RAM now will make sure your PC is capable of playing new games without the need for upgrades. If you are planning on playing heavier games or using memory-intensive apps, upgrading to 32GB of RAM might be necessary. If you update to 16GB of RAM, a game can load as much data as it needs in the temp memory (RAM).

Choose 16GB or more if you are a power user, run todays most demanding games and apps, or just want to be sure that you are covered for any future needs. For many, 64GB RAM is too much, since that is considerably more than what is needed. For most games, a gaming rig with 12GB-16GB RAM should suffice to run in 4K, provided that you have also got the right hardware combo. If you have a single PC powerful enough that you can game and stream at the same time (or you are not playing games that are very demanding on hardware), then 16GB of RAM is a bare minimum, while 32GB is our recommendation.

For a 4K gaming console or PC, you will typically want to get 8GB of RAM (or higher) in order to quickly get the game running and playing the games in progress. That is, if you are doing lots of multitasking to things like editing videos or streaming video games, you might want more RAM to make sure things are running smoothly. If you are playing an unoptimized game, or if your CPU or GPU is bottlenecking your performance, adding more RAM is not going to make any difference. If you are playing games on Medium settings with 1080P and you are looking for a boost of performance, say 70-80FPS on Ultra (1080P games) with your budget graphics card, you could bump up the RAM just a little.

Over time, it will fill up your random access memory, slowing your PC down over the long term. Lifespan of RAMs performance You could generally expect it to last about 8-12 years before you need an upgrade, but this is only if you are looking to play the latest games without using up a lot of memory. Most gamers will be more than happy with 16GB RAMs performance. Depending on the system requirements, AAA games require higher RAM like 16GB.

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